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Balint Groups  

From the Mission Statement: "The ABS strives to promote and encourage increased participation in Balint group work" 

       What is a Balint Group?

A Balint group is a group of clinicians, often physicians, who meet regularly to present clinical cases in order to improve and to better understand the clinician-patient relationship.  

While physicians are usually trained to seek the “right” answer to medical problems, in a Balint group, the focus is on enhancing the clinician’s ability to connect with and care for the patient.  A Balint group session begins with a member's presenting a case for the group to discuss. The group learns about the patient through the presenter’s story and about how their relationship seems to the clinician. During the facilitated discussion, the group members uncover different and new perceptions about the patient's and physician’s feelings and their experiences with each other.  

A Balint group usually has two leaders who facilitate the process.  The success of a group depends on its members being honest, respectful, and supportive of divergent opinions.  The content of the group is confidential.  A Balint group may meet for months or years, and group cohesion and trust develop over time.  



Since Balint groups are experiential learning, words alone are not the best way to convey what they are and what they do. Trying out a group, experiencing it, even in a demonstration, answers questions and doubts better than anything. If you have attended an Intensive, you may have been given access to the introductory slideshow we provide for people to adapt to their settings. This includes a demonstration group. If you have not yet been to an Intensive, check out our list of Credentialed Leaders here to find someone close to you to come provide an introduction and demonstration.

 "Restoring the Core of Clinical Practice: What is a Balint group and how does it help?" by Laurel Milberg, PhD and Katherine Knowlton, PhD. Available in paperback or ebook Order Now

The American Balint Society
, is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the therapeutic relationships between healing professionals and their clients/patients. The American Balint  Society is a member society of the International Balint Federation