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Why have a Balint Group? 



After the 2014 spring Balint Leadership Training Intensive in Seattle the faculty talked about Balint groups and their effects to make the video above.
The American Balint Society has produced several explanations detailing the skills supported by Balint groups:
           ABS ACGME policy statement
           ACGME Competencies addressed by Balint Groups

Program directors and medical educators have reflected on how Balint groups develop professionalism and benefit programs:        
         Balint Groups: The Nuts and Bolts of Making Better Doctors
         Introducing & Integrating Reflective Practices in Medical Education
         Excerpts from "Balint Seminars in a Family Practice Residency"
         Helping Doctors Develop

 "Restoring the Core of Clinical Practice: What is a Balint group and how does it help?" by Laurel Milberg, PhD and Katherine Knowlton, PhD. Available in paperback or ebook Order Now

The American Balint Society
, is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the therapeutic relationships between healing professionals and their clients/patients. The American Balint  Society is a member society of the International Balint Federation