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"At the center of medicine there is always a human relationship between a patient and a doctor."
Michael Balint

ABS Intensive Leadership Training

A key component of ABS Balint Group leadership training is the Intensive course.  This course is designed to teach Balint Group leadership technique primarily through experiential groups, supplemented by topic-focused small discussion groups and faculty panel discussions. Courses are taught by ABS Credentialed Leaders experienced in teaching Balint Group technique. Attendees have ample time to present cases and practice leading Balint groups. Faculty-guided debriefings provide opportunities to receive feedback on participants’ practice sessions in a safe and supportive setting. Participants emerge from the course with a deeper understanding of Balint Group leadership techniques and responsibilities, and improved awareness of the method’s limitations and risks.

ABS offers Intensive courses in two formats:
Spring and Fall Intensives: These courses are held twice a year and are open to U.S. and international registrants.  The 4-day schedule features the educational activities described above, an afternoon off for sightseeing, and opportunities for participants to engage informally with faculty and other participants.  The courses are currently accredited for continuing education credits by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Psychological Association, and the National Association of Social Workers.  A limited amount of financial assistance is available. 

Find an IntensiveOnsite Intensive: For organizations wishing to train multiple (8-12) faculty members in Balint Group leadership, the IOTR course is usually the best approach. The 3-day course includes identical content to that of the spring and fall Intensives, brought to your institution. Course faculty provide guidance on implementation of Balint Groups at the hosting organization and offer follow-up consultation after the Intensive.Organize an Onsite Intensive
"I have never really been involved in Balint groups before, let alone have the experience of leading. It was amazing to me, through the format of this conference, how I was able to quickly grasp onto the concept of the group as well as the concept of coleading a group. The Balint group process feels like such an incredibly powerful tool to enrich the patient-doctor relationship. I am very excited about getting back and starting this with our resident physicians."
~Balint Intensive Participant