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"Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself"
Mohsin Hamid, novelist

For Institutions & Organizations

The American Balint Society is dedicated to helping your organization thrive. We provide online and in person activities to enhance professional relationships directly and to train your people to lead your own groups. 

Online Balint Group for Your Organization

Whether you’d like to start a Balint Group in your residency program, provide an ongoing Balint Group for your staff, or incorporate Balint Groups into a particular setting, such as a fellowship, the American Balint Society will work with you to launch a Balint Group, led by two of our credentialed leaders, to fit your needs. 

The American Balint Society has provided online groups for the American Academy of Family Physicians Wellbeing Fellowship, Brown Family Medicine Residency, and the University of Missouri Kansas City Family Medicine Residency among others.

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Onsite Leadership Training

For organizations wishing to train multiple (8-12) faculty members in Balint Group leadership, the onsite Balint Leadership Training course is usually the best (and most cost-effective) approach.  The 3 day course, which we bring to your institution, includes identical content to that of the spring and fall Intensives, our signature events.  Course faculty additionally provide guidance on implementing Balint Groups at the hosting organization and offer follow-up consultation after your Intensive. 

Some of the institutions that have benefited from IOTRs include Kaiser Permanente, Washington State University School of Medicine, Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids, UCLA, UC Anschutz, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.  

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Balint Group Demonstration

We provide speakers to explain and demonstrate Balint groups to professional audiences at conferences and other meetings. Because Balint Groups themselves provide experiential learning they are most easily understood by doing. Our credentialed leaders may be able to present a complimentary introductory experience. Contact us to find someone near you and discuss what you have in mind.

National conferences featuring Balint demonstrations have included AGPA (American Group Psychotherapy Association), APA (American Psychological Association) Division 39, STFM (Society for Teachers of Family Medicine), etc. 

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