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"At the center of medicine there is always a human relationship between a patient and a doctor."
Michael Balint

Meron Hagos
Brandeis Fellow

Meron is a current dual Social Impact MBA and MS in Global Health Policy and Management candidate at the Heller School for Policy and Management at Brandeis University on a track to pursue medicine. With a long-standing passion for anything healthcare-related, there was little hesitation to join as an ABS board fellow as soon as she could. She hopes to gain a further understanding of clinician-patient relationships within the context of policy and management challenges that impact healthcare systems domestically and globally. Her career goals include improving responses to impending epidemics, increasing healthcare access for underserved communities, and gaining an understanding of various social, economic, and political factors that influence health outcomes to incite much-needed change to systems and policies.

During her undergraduate years at Princeton University, she served as the DEI chair of the Colonial Club of Princeton and on committees on sustainability and community service among the eating clubs. She also works as a medical scribe and assistant at a small urgent care and primary care clinic to serve underrepresented minorities and vulnerable populations in healthcare.

When she isn't pondering on the state of the world and sifting through copious amounts of schoolwork, Meron enjoys crocheting, sketching, and taking walks around the neighborhood.